Diet and Fitness – Finding a Diet Plan that will work for You

What is The fastest Wat to lose weight?


Two words that go hand in hand, Diet and Fitness. Without the prober diet there is no way to be fit. Just like there is no diet pill that will work without some kind of plan. There are a ton of diet supplement ads that will make one think that you can lose weight and get fit just by using their magic pill. In fact most weight loss commercials will show a before and after picture of a heavy woman and then her after picture in a bikini. The key to the whole thing is planning and keeping yourself encouraged and motivated. A diet supplement not only helps you drop the pounds but it also acts as a motivator and a reminder to stay on track.

So here is a starter plan to get you on the right track toward weight loss a and wellness.

The fact that you are looking online for some weight loss support is the first indicator that you are in the game. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to lose weight or get in shape. This is the first key to success. The will to do it. The next step is to up a plan to increase your daily physical activity to increase your daily calorie burning and change a few of your habits. Start by increasing your physical activity based on your current regimen.  So if you are a novice just start by walking or jogging around the block on time each day. The key here is to make sure that you don’t make the workout too difficult so you will continue doing it. In other words make it enjoyable so you don’t burn yourself out in the first week. I prefer to go to the gym do a little weight training and then use the treadmill for 10 minutes. Another good idea is to change your routine daily. If its walking walk a different route or go to a park. Keep it interesting.

The second key is your diet. Nothing will work without the proper diet this includes diet pills and exercise. Just like the daily physical activity in order to keep with a diet meal plan its good to keep it interesting at the same time. Diet Supplements are a good idea here too. They will help by not only reducing your appetite and helping your body burn fat and calories more efficiently but they work great as a motivator too.

The key to a great diet is calorie restriction and losing the fats and sugars. Reducing your carbohydrate intake like bread and pasta will help a lot as well. This doesn’t mean that you have to go on the Atkins diet and torture yourself. I have seen so many people start this diet and quit after a week because they couldn’t deal with it. This just makes dieting frustrating. The Atkins diet eliminates all carbohydrates from your diet which eliminates your energy since your body uses carbohydrates for fuel. A better idea is to simply reduce your carbohydrates and give your body just enough so you use it all during your exercise and continue to burn fat and calories afterward.

So here is a good sample diet to try:

Morning- Take your first diet supplement to help curb your cravings then eat oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast. Oatmeal is a different kind of carbohydrate that is absorbed easily and used effiecently.

Mid morning snack- Have either yogurt or a smoothie. A smoothie with protein powder or half a serving of meal replacement mixed with ice and fruit works great. It will keep you full until lunch without eating unhealthy snacks.

Lunch- Take your second serving of your chosen diet supplement to slow your appetite then eat a lower carbohydrate lunch, For example eat a protein like meat, fish or chicken and a vegetable. (Green beans, Carrots, Celery etc… Refrain from potatoes)  Have rice for a carbohydrate. This is another great source of carbs. Like oatmeal it is broken down easily by the digestive system.

Dinner- Take the last diet supplement of the day if it is suggested but check the label because some supplements may keep you up at night if they contain a lot of energy increasing ingredients like caffeine, yohimbe etc… Dinner is the only time it is really beneficial to reduce your carbohydrate intake significantly because you aren’t burning all of the calories as you are during the day. For dinner, a good choice is to keep it like lunch with a high protein meal maybe a small amount of rice, some vegetables and a big salad.

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