HCG Diet Dangers

HCG Diet Dangers

Is the  Hcg Diet Dangerous to your health? The HCG Diet is getting a lot of national attention recently first for the rapid weight loss effects it has on some patients and then some for its adverse effects. One major issue with the HCG diet is the numerous health supplements that are available claiming to be HCG when real HCG  is only available by prescription and is administered by injection, not orally. Some recent studies say that it might be.

About the HCG Diet

The truth is that the HCG diet call for a 500 calorie diet and it really doesn’t matter what diet supplement 0ne takes if this plan of action is followed considering that most people consume 5 times that many calories on a normal day.

HCG Side Effects

Some of the common side effects of the HCG diet to look out for: headaches, blood clots, leg cramps, temporary hair thinning, constipation, and breast tenderness

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HCG USES: Hcg has been used for a long time to treat infertility in both male and female patents. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is present in high amounts in women when pregnant.

Is the HCG Diet Safe?

Since HCG is naturally occurring in the body it is relatively safe. However, you should speak to your health care professional before taking anything like HCG since it is a hormone. Even the HCG drops that are sold as a nutritional supplement should not be taken with out talking to your doctor first. Some of these may actually raise the HCG level in the body just like the prescription HCG injections and you don’t want to mess with your hormones without speaking to a professional medical doctor.


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