What is Phentermine?


Does it work and are there side effects? Are the Side Effects Worth It?

Phentermine pronounced FENTERMINE is a pharmaceutical weight loss drug used for weight loss in obese patients.It is one of the most widely used pharmaceutical drugs for weight loss but are the harmful side effects worth the risk? Phentermine has several brand specific names that it is sold under including Adipex-P ™ (Gate Pharmaceuticals), Ionamin™ (Medeva Pharmaceuticals) and formerly marketed under the name Fastin™ . Phentermine is classified as a appetite suppressant. It works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to suppress  appetite. While it does work in some cases in our opinion there are safer all natural alternatives you might want to consider to taking Phentermine due to the POSSIBLE side effects that include adverse effects to the nervous system, dry mouth, decreased sex drive, blurred vision, irritability, upset stomach and sleeplessness. Click our main page HERE for a full Phentermine Review